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The Startup Investor's Handbook

There are dozens of books, thousands of websites, blogs and articles for startup founders and entrepreneurs in Turkish.

However, until today, there has not been a Turkish book for investors of startups that explains the nature, logic, law, financial aspects, analysis methods, in other words, the entire investment process from A to Z in all aspects.


We set out to fill this gap with a comprehensive "bedside book" and this book you are holding in your hands has emerged.


If we can light a "spark" in your mind about startup investing, we can move you towards becoming a part of this world,


our book has served its purpose.



Communiqué on the Principles Regarding the Companies whose Shares will be Traded on the Venture Capital Market

What are the Companies whose Shares will be Traded on the Venture Capital Market? What are the Conditions for Selling Shares to Qualified Investors in the Venture Capital Market?

A New Exit Market for Venture Capitalists and Venture Funds

Capital Markets Legislation 

What is the Purpose of the GSP (VC) Market? In what ways does the sale of shares to qualified investors in the GSP (VC) Market differ from a public offering?

"SPAC" in Capital Markets Legislation: Partnership for Merger Purposes

A Brief Review of its Legal Nature and Elements: The "SPAC" structure, which is thought to be unique to foreign capital markets, is actually included in the Turkish Capital Markets Legislation: "Partnership for Merger Purposes".

12 Must-Have Slides for an Early Stage Start-up Investor Presentation

The "first impression" of a start-up founder seeking investment in the early stages is often an investor presentation. This presentation alone is not enough to get investment, but it can be the reason why you don't get it.

Mergers and Acquisitions Requiring Authorization from the Competition Authority

With the Amendment to the Communiqué on Mergers and Acquisitions Requiring Authorization from the Competition Authority, the Turnover Limits Determining the Mergers and Acquisitions Requiring Authorization were Increased.

What is the Neuralink?

Actually, I don't want to talk about what Neuralink is now, I want to talk about what it will be in the future, so that was the trap question.

“My Only Competitor is Google!”

As an angel investor, I have been in a constant mode of "being pitched" and "being asked for ideas or investment" for years. It is natural that "start-ups" often need investment and/or investor perspective and ideas.

Important (and Basic) Metrics to Consider for Angel Investors Before a Start-up Investment

If you are an angel investor evaluating a startup investment, some metrics may help you building a decision. These metrics also may give an idea about the health of that business.

Which Verticals are Boosted During Covid-19 Pandemics in the Turkish Business & Start-up Ecosystem?

The Mid and long-term pros & cons of Turkish start-ups due to coronavirus are still unclear. However, some are highlighted during the pandemics.

How To Found a VC (Venture Capital) Fund in Turkey?

(A) Venture Capitalist(s) has several options to found and execute a fund in Turkey which invests in enterprises, startups and all kinds of companies based in Turkey. Also, it is possible for this fund to invest in companies that are not located in Turkey as well.

Doing Business During Coronavirus (Covid-19) Days

In these difficult times, protecting your business and your employees is as vital as protecting yourself and your loved ones. You can read what you need to do to minimize the damage to your business in this article.

7 Things An Entrepreneur Must Have

The entrepreneur has to be uncomfortable with an existing situation, product or service. It is the reaction to this situation that makes the entrepreneur an entrepreneur.

12 Changes You Need to Make to Turn Your Existing Company into a Startup

"Startups" have started to shape the world economy.  You have a business based on production or conventional services and technologies that you have been running for years. You can still compete with these disruptive competitors by transforming your business.

Crowdfunding Legislation

What Should Existing Crowdfunding Platforms Do? What Should Entrepreneurs Who Want to Get Investments on Crowdfunding Platforms Do? How to Invest on Crowdfunding Platforms?

Present and Future of the Turkish Medical Industry and Possible Business Models

The cornerstone of the healthcare industry is the Turkish Medical Industry, which has more than 40 years of history. And today, it is undergoing a radical change. What is this change?

What is Eucomed?

In this article, I will introduce an organization that is not well known in the medical industry except for those who are interested in it, and those who know about it do not have much information about its functions: Eucomed. Why is this organization, which no one is familiar with, so important?

The Problem of the Lack of Qualified Employees in the Medical Industry and Solution Suggestions

This article is not about the elements of the health system, balance of payments problems or the framework tender regulation. We will take a closer look at the companies, or more precisely medical companies, that are involved in the "supplier" pillar of the system. Leaving the pharmaceutical companies aside for once, I will stick my finger on "ourselves", the companies operating in the medical industry, which I know better.

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