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Good financial management, strong growth

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Kıvılcım Çaylı is the author of "Startup Investor's Handbook", technology company investor with 18 investments in 5 countries, management consultant and private equity professional.

He holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration), CPEP (Chartered Private Equity Professional) and FMVA (Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst) degrees. He has contributed to the growth journey of nearly a hundred companies in his management consultancy career, which he stepped into after many years of corporate business experience in global companies and entrepreneurial experience in companies he founded himself.

He is the CEO of Kanvas Management Consultancy Company and Kilic Cayli & Partners Law Office. In addition, he is also a Partner and the Director of Private Equity & Venture Capital (PE & VC) for Financial Axis Inc. | GGI. He makes his personal investments under the Pareto Ventures brand.

kıvılcım çaylı konuşmacı


There are dozens of books, thousands of websites, blogs and articles for startup founders and entrepreneurs in Turkish.

However, until today, there has not been a Turkish book for investors of startups that explains the nature, logic, law, financial aspects, analysis methods, in other words, the entire investment process from A to Z in all aspects.


We set out to fill this gap with a comprehensive "bedside book" and this book you are holding in your hands has emerged.


If we can light a "spark" in your mind about startup investing, we can move you towards becoming a part of this world,


our book has served its purpose.



A selection of the programs I participated in and some of the speeches I made




Basında KC
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Top Tier Impact Venture Capital Roundtable Dinner 

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Investors of Baku ID'23 (SABAH.hub)

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A Different Perspective in Software Product Commercialization; A Holistic Approach from A to Z

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Investment in CEOtudent from BIC Angels

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Three METU scientists break new ground in cancer treatment

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Scaleup vs Startup: What Are The Differences?

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A Hybrid Pricing Strategy is Required When Commercializing a Software 

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Content platform CEOtudent receives investment from BIC Angels

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Investor wanted for cancer treatment!

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WORLD ECOMMERCE FORUM continues on its second day

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Start-up Investor Should Act with Data, Observation and Technical Knowledge, Not Feelings

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cubeTALKS Live | Pros and Cons of Angel Investments

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Grabbed an Investment with a Valuation of 3.2 M TL

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